Top Graphic Designing Courses in Ahmedabad

Is taking a more advanced graphic design course something you’re interested in?

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As a help, we have researched and chosen the best Graphic Design course in Ahmedabad for 2023. Simply said, we want to help you make a well-informed decision by giving you all the information you need, including a thorough summary of your options.

Graphic designers must be agile and responsive to succeed in an industry that is always changing. The correct decision-making in this lightning-fast field can mean the difference between success and failure. If you’re new to the field of design and want to learn the ropes or are an experienced pro looking to sharpen your skills, we can help you out.

All levels of students are welcome on our handpicked list of Ahmedabad’s top graphic design schools. Our criteria for programme prioritisation include online accessibility, academic rigour, programme relevance to industry, and programme history of successful career placement.

Top 7 Graphic Design Course in Ahmedabad

1. DIT Academy – Learn Graphic Design in Ahmedabad 

This prestigious Institute is also well-known for its graphic design course in Ahmedabad. Students receive extensive knowledge and skills from their highly educated and experienced staff of trainers, equipping them to meet the ever-increasing demands of the market.

The students have the know-how and abilities to precisely combine creativity, art, technology, colour, and typography to produce an aesthetically pleasing design. They provide other courses for budding graphic designers in addition to advanced UI/UX training.

DIT Academy is a well-known upskilling institute that is well-known for its short-term, useful programmes. Courses in animation, VFX filmmaking, game design and development, UI/UX design, and gaming AR/VR are among their offerings. The graphic design course is unique among them all as a quick specialisation course.

DIT Academy, which is offered in both online and offline versions, focuses on improving students’ skills using basic graphic design tools. Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, and InDesign are the four main software applications that are covered in detail in the program. Assignments included throughout the programme further encourage students to take an experiential learning approach.


    • Embracing an experiential approach, the curriculum integrates extensive project work to offer students valuable exposure to the industry.

    • The well-structured curriculum ensures a learning experience centred on design principles.

    • The course, conducted online, facilitates accessibility for students across India.

    • Adopting a pragmatic approach, the program hones skills in essential software applications.

    • Upon completion of the course, the Institute provides placement assistance opportunities.

2. Explorra the School of Design & Technology

Their goal is to connect human creativity with the demands of the design, media, manufacturing, and entertainment sectors by equipping design students with essential skills in design, software, and professionalism.

This transformation turns design students into skilled professionals ready to contribute meaningfully and proactively to industries hungry for talent. At Explorra School of Design & Technology, Graphic Design academy in Ahmedabad, they thrive as a family, embracing a stimulating environment that values truth, ethics, hard work, creativity, and innovation.

These principles permeate every activity, leading to a fulfilling and enriching experience that fosters personal and professional growth.

3. National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad

With a nearly six-decade history, the National Institute of Design (NID) in Ahmedabad is among the first design schools in the nation. In addition to fostering creative design practice and research across a range of subjects, NID Ahmedabad is renowned for having established international standards in creativity-centric educational pedagogy, design thinking, and design-infused leadership in a number of Indian societal sectors.

One of the few schools in the world, NID offers eight courses for the Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) programme and nineteen courses for the Master of Design (M.Des.) programme that covers a variety of subjects. A doctoral programme in design is also offered.

4. Kalapurnam Institute – Best Graphic Design Academy in Ahmedabad

In order to support the growth of the nation, the objective is to educate the younger generation in India through professional and vocational training. India is a nation that is fast developing, and its unemployment rate is also rising significantly.

In order for creative learners to flourish as prosperous Kalakars in the near future, they aim to bring out their skills through useful and creative approaches.

They are committed to providing each of our students with individualised attention and fostering enduring relationships based on pleasure and trust.


MAAC, short for Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics, operates as a comprehensive training institute for Classical and Digital Animation under the Aptech Ltd. umbrella. Aptech Ltd., a global learning solutions provider established in 1986, extends its expertise to education and training. 

With operational facilities spanning the globe, we have successfully trained numerous students for careers in the dynamic media and entertainment industry. Recognized as the premier institute in Gujarat, we take pride in our reputation as the leading choice for job placement upon Graphic Design Classes in Ahmedabad completion.

6. Arena Animation

The instructors at Arena Ahmedabad are certified and qualified to teach the newest methods in animation. In addition to receiving a lot of education in the classroom, students can practice their abilities in the lab. We seek out and put into practice solutions that address long-term development requirements as well as the objectives of Arena pupils.

Arena works to uphold and preserve the standing, respect, and reputation of the training sector. One of the top and most seasoned animation education and training providers in India is Arena Animation.

Since 1996, Arena Animation has been committed to offering top-notch instruction in the following areas: animation, visual effects, gaming, online and graphics design, broadcast, digital design and marketing, and multimedia. Graduates of Arena have secured positions with major Indian and international studios.

7. TGC India

Based in Delhi, TGC provides a variety of courses covering graphic design coaching in Ahmedabad, web design, animation, and audio/visual editing, available both online and in-class. The Advanced Certification Course in Graphic Design & Prepress empowers learners with the expertise to apply design elements and principles to product branding and advertising.

With three modules covering commercial and digital illustrations, advanced digital artistry, and publication layout and press, along with a focus on design aesthetics, the course offers a comprehensive education in design.


Thriving with abundant opportunities across diverse fields, the Graphic Design industry beckons aspiring professionals. When contemplating a career in Graphic Design, it is crucial to choose an institute that comprehensively trains and equips you for success. DIT Academy stands out in this regard, offering students the chance to master the fusion of technical and interpersonal skills. Our programs empower individuals to create visually compelling art that effectively communicates the intended message. To learn more about our Graphic Design Course in Ahmedabad, contact us today.